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Friday, February 13, 2015

Vetario ICU and Banana Peel Extract Discontinued

We are sorry to report that the manufacturers of both the Vetario ICU Veterinary Intensive Care Unit and the Banana Peel Extract Cream that we sold have decided to discontinue those products.  Brinsea of the UK terminated production of the Vetario ICU and NuTopicals of OK, USA terminated production of the Banana Peel Extract Cream.  We are sorry to see both of these excellent products removed from the marketplace.  They both served a market niche and the Banana Peel Extract Cream was a personal favorite product of mine. Please direct all inquiries for Vetario ICU parts to the manufacturer at

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alternative to Discontinued Konica Minolta SRX-101A X-Ray Film Processor


There is no doubt that the Konica Minolta SRX-101A was one of the finest tabletop x-ray film processors ever designed and manufactured.  It certainly wasn't inexpensive, but I would venture to say that it was not a bad product for the price.  It was a reliable, versatile (multi-speed) unit.  I can't really say anything bad about the processor, except maybe that when repair parts were needed, some tended to be expensive.

When it was announced in July of 2014 that Konica Minolta was ceasing production of the SRX-101A, it was expected that existing inventory at the time would last until the end of 2014.  Well, the word we hear is that the SRX-101A inventory is gone.  So now what?  There are still dedicated x-ray film users that are just not ready, willing or able to make the jump to digital at this time, but they may need a new processor.  Or they may not want to have to sell a kidney to get the money required to make a huge investment in SRX-101A repair parts when they could purchase a new processor for a similar price.  So what are the options?

We at FI Sales like to think that we offer an excellent option in the Protec ECOMAX tabletop x-ray film processor.

The ECOMAX is about half the typical price of a Konica Minolta SRX-101A, so it is an inexpensive investment to make while waiting to make the move to digital imaging.  With a List Price of $3995, the ECOMAX can often be purchased for around $3500, but with installation required by the buyer.
The ECOMAX is a high-quality, German-made product that does not sacrifice quality to get a low price.  Clever design engineering that makes the ECOMAX the simplest fully-automatic x-ray film processor in the world also makes it so inexpensive.  We have sold over 1100 in 9 years, and we can attest through minimal replacement parts sales that the Protec ECOMAX is made to last.  Each Protec ECOMAX ships with a 2 year parts warranty.

The ECOMAX certainly does not have all the features that the SRX-101A had.  For example, the ECOMAX is a single speed unit, while the SRX-101A is a 3-speed unit.  But unless you want a processor that can be used for general radiography, mammography, etc., then multiple speeds on a processor is just an expensive option that drives up the price.  Take a look HERE at all the features that the ECOMAX does offer.

If for any reason the ECOMAX cannot meet your imaging needs, perhaps the Protec OPTIMAX can. It has more features and carries a $1000+ higher List Price of $5295.  More details on all our processors can be found HERE.

So if you are without a good alternative for the Konica Minolta SRX-101A, we hope you consider our line of Protec processors, especially the ECOMAX.  Use the highlighted links to connect with us online, email us at, or call us toll-free at 1-888-XRAY-777 (1-888-972-9777).

Monday, March 3, 2014

New G5 Vibramatic Unveiled

We are pleased to unveil the NEW and improved G5 Vibramatic ...

The G5 Vibramatic has been known world-wide for decades as a high quality, reliable, therapeutic massager with percussion capabilities.  It is use in Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, and by Chiropractors.  The housing has been redesigned to match the rest of the G5 line, the displays are now digital, and the applicator storage has been moved to trays attached to the rolling stand. 

List priced at $2595, FI Sales is pleased to offer it discounted to $2336.  Click HERE to contact us if you are interested in purchasing the new G5 Vibramatic. 

The old G5 Vibramatic is still available for a very limited time as the last remaining housings are used up.

If you absolutely need this old-style of G5 Vibramatic, please Click HERE to contact us to order now as availability is extremely limited.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fischer, Protec and Level 356 Parts Stores

Believe it or not, there are still many x-ray film processors in operation in the USA and around the world. Unfortunately, there are fewer x-ray service companies around to maintain and service the x-ray film processors.  Processor owners are often challenged to maintain and service their own processors.  FI Sales acknowledges this, and now makes it easier than ever to purchase parts to keep Fischer Industries, Protec and Level 356 processors operating properly.

Fischer (Fisher) Industries closed at the end of 2007.  They were known for making processors that last 20+ years.  Well, FI Sales still has parts available for 20+ year old Fischer processors, as well as more recent models.  Visit our new Fischer Parts Store.   Here you will find pictures of the most commonly purchased Fischer parts, any of which can be added to a Secure Shopping Cart for direct purchase from FI Sales.

Protec Medical of Germany is known for making x-ray film processors like the ECOMAX and OPTIMAX that almost never need a part replaced.  There's just something about that German engineering.  However, there are always exceptions to the rule, so FI Sales stocks parts to support the Protec processors we sell. Visit our new Protec Parts Store.  Here you will find pictures of the most commonly purchased Protec parts, any of which can be added to a Secure Shopping Cart for direct purchase from FI Sales.

The Level 356 dental x-ray film processor is the only processor from the Fischer Industries days that still is available from FI Sales.  It is a great little self-contained unit that requires no darkroom.  If the processor is still available, of course parts are, too.  Visit our new Level 356 Parts Store.  Here you will find pictures of the most commonly purchased Level 356 parts, any of which can be added to a Secure Shopping Cart for direct purchase from FI Sales.  

Look for the  and buttons on the FI Sales web-site for opportunities to use our upgraded Secure Shopping Cart for online equipment and parts shopping.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FI-3199 Mobile X-Ray Table Now Available from FI Sales!

The FI-3199 Mobile X-Ray Table offers a great balance between quality, versatility and economy.  The FI-3199 tables are designed for extreme stability and longevity, complimented with excellent radiolucency from a table top to reduce radiation exposure for patients and extend the life of x-ray tubes. 
The FI-3199 Mobile X-Ray Table is made with a heavy-duty steel frame to provide maximum rigidity.  The frame with the radiolucent tabletop can support up to a 300 lb. (136 kg) patient weight.  The optional 12" drop leaf can support 20 lbs and is available for right or left side installation.   
This table height is 28" high (71 cm) for easy patient access.  The 24” width (61 cm) is standard, and the length is available at 76" (193 cm) or 56" (142 cm).  The included Grid Cabinet & Cassette Tray travel the entire length of the table enabling imaging studies anywhere along the length of the table.  Grid is included in 103 LPI, 8:1 ratio style.  Other grid styles available upon request.
Comes fully assembled except for the 4 legs that must be bolted to the bottom of the table.  1" thick (2.5 cm) radiolucent mattress or 4" thick  (10 cm) non-radiolucent comfort mattress are available options.

Use the FI-3199 with ceiling-mounted, mobile or portable x-ray.  
The FI-3199 sets the standard today for cost-effective mobile X-ray tables.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

FDA Now Double-Dipping with Facility Registration Fees

FI Sales does not manufacture or import any medical devices that require FI Sales to list them with the FDA.  The FDA does not monitor our facility or our products.  We never see an FDA inspector.  We have nothing to inspect.  The FDA has to expend zero time and effort regarding FI Sales.  Up until 2013, FI Sales dutifully registered with the FDA as a reseller and importer of FDA-approved devices from manufacturers with FDA-approved facilities.  The suppliers to FI Sales list their medical devices with the FDA and pay the required fees for the FDA to monitor their compliance.  So there should be no way the FDA would require FI Sales to pay as much as one penny to sell medical products, right? 

That was correct up until 2013.  With bipartisan support from our legislators, a new law now allows the FDA to charge multiple companies for the right to sell the same product in the USA.  Here’s an example:
·         Protec Medical in Germany pays an annual fee for the FDA to monitor compliance with FDA practices in the manufacture of x-ray film processors.  That should be the one and only fee.

·         FI Sales in the USA now pays an annual fee to be listed as the initial importer of Protec x-ray film processors.  That’s a second fee for the same product, and the FDA has no interaction with FI Sales other than collecting the fee.

As for our legislator’s rhetoric about helping small business, rhetoric  is all it is.  Their actions and votes allow more fees (taxes) to be imposed upon small businesses like FI Sales.  This legislation now allows the FDA to charge multiple companies for the right to sell the same product.  Double-dips are good for ice cream cones, but in this case just equate to another regressive tax that our government has imposed upon us.