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Friday, April 29, 2011

FI Sales is Fully Stocked with Protec Processors

We had a great day to receive yet another container full of Protec x-ray film processors from Germany.

Rear of container during unloading

The sunshine and warm weather made unloading the container a more pleasant experience as stack after stack of processors were rolled off the container into the staging area.

Processors unloaded into staging area

Then the processors are moved into the FI Sales warehouse so we can continue to provide same-day shipment on processor orders.

Processors stocked in the FI Sales warehouse

We are fully stocked with the ECOMAX, OPTIMAX & OPTIMAX 2010-NDT. Our EcoTank is made from the ECOMAX, so we do ask for a couple days leadtime on shipping EcoTank orders.

Why do we stock so many processors when digital imaging rules human and veterinary medicine these days? There are still many low film volume practices for which it makes more sense to use a film processor than to "go digital." When a practice is taking 1 or 2 images a week, it is hard to justify the digital investment.

So if you are looking for the world's simplest automatic x-ray film processor, give us a call for the Protec ECOMAX that is guaranteed to be IN STOCK. For the world's simplest veterinary x-ray film processor, check out the EcoTank, Economical and Ecological for the very low film volume veterinary practice.

And for busier practices, the Protec OPTIMAX is a proven performer for well over a decade processing a higher volume of film for practices. The OPTIMAX 2010-NDT provides an economical processor alternative for the industrial NDT market.

All our processor information can be accessed at

Monday, April 18, 2011

FI Sales Launches ebay Store

FI Sales, LLC is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our ebay store. The FI Sales ebay store can be accessed at Available for sale now are:

  • EcoTank, the world's simplest x-ray film processor

  • Chemicals for x-ray film processing

  • Sonoplus 3000-DS Mobile ECG Digital Cardioscope

  • G5 Lumen Essence LED Light Therapy Wand for skin rejuvenation & light stim
Coming soon will be additional G5 massage therapy products, additional darkroom accessories, CO2 veterinary surgical laser, and some miscellaneous products. We hope you will browse the store and start shopping soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LED vs. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a hot (no pun intended) topic these days. Laser proponents tout more powerful, coherent (focused) light that penetrates deeply into the body. But does it really make it better than LED light therapy, a treatment protocol that has been used for decades now? The short answer is "No." Laser therapy is not necessarily better than LED therapy, but it is certainly different.

A great article detailing the differences in LED and laser therapy can be accessed here ...

Lasers certainly are more powerful and can penetrate deeper into the body's tissue. For deep muscle therapy or chronic arthritic conditions in large joints, laser therapy may be a better choice than LED therapy. To treat conditions on the skin surface, LED therapy is very effective, and at a fraction of the cost of laser therapy. So for skin rejuvenation, LED therapy is a cost effective treatment protocol.

The new G5 Lumen Essence LED Therapy Wand is now available for purchase by those interested in skin stim & rejuvenation. Visit for more information or to buy online for only $206 plus $10 shipping and handling.