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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Plumbing Solutions

FI Sales offers the best No Plumbing solutions in the x-ray film processor world.

For use with the Protec Ecomax, but adaptable to other processor models, is our No Plumbing Kit. With a 10 gallon tank reservoir to hold water and a submersible pump, the No Plumbing Kit circulates water from the tank to the processor and back continuously when plugged in. The No Plumbing Kit can be added onto a new or existing processor model. Use the No Plumbing Kit when a freshwater supply and a floor or wall drain do not exist in the darkroom. Watch the video here or at

No Plumbing Kit

If drainage is required for a piece of equipment like an x-ray film processor, but no floor or wall drain is present, choose the Porta Sump 4 from FI Sales to solve your problems. Drain into the 10 gallon reservoir tank, and the Porta Sump 4 will automatically pump up to 4 feet high into a nearby sink or utility tub. If you want to connect into 1 & 1/4" PVC pipe, we offer the PS4-PVC adapter to allow such a connection. This is a versatile piece of equipment that can solve your problems when a floor drain is needed, but not available. Watch the video here or at

Porta Sump 4