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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

X-Ray Positioning Sponges & Bolsters

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FI Sales is pleased to be able to now offer a full line of X-Ray Accessories to you. These are all made in the USA. When you access our X-Ray Accessories webpage, scroll down and you will see various types of accessories we now offer. We will soon have a catalog with List Prices for all those types of accessories. Currently, we offer catalogs for:
In this post, I want to introduce you to Positioning Sponges & Bolsters, a vital tool for x-ray.

We do offer standard Positioning Sponges like this ...
 Inline imageBecause of the right angles, they can often leave line artifacts. To reduce or eliminate artifacts caused by standard Positioning Sponges, we recommend our Stealth Positioning Sponges & Bolsters with softer angles.

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All our Positioning Sponges are available in 3 different foam styles.
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And 3 different coverings on the foam are available.
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The vinyl Bolsters are designed and sealed to help reduce unsanitary unsealed areas.
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Prices are all clearly shown in the catalog.

We hope you will find products of interest in our Positioning Sponges & Bolsters catalog.  And if you have interest in our other X-Ray Accessories, click the X-Ray Accessories link to see all products.  

We hope to have all FI Sales catalogs available for your use soon. Contact us at or 1-888-XRAY-777 (1-888-972-9777) for more information, package pricing, or shipping costs.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Protec OPTIMAX Gets New Look

The Protec OPTIMAX has been a rugged, reliable x-ray film processor for over 20 years. It has just undergone a facelift. Not inside though. The new-look OPTIMAX uses the same reliable parts and roller rack transport system that it has always used. Just the outside plastic housing has changed. Take a look.

Protec made the change to this housing because it can be molded from a flame retardant material. Now both the OPTIMAX and the variable-speed OPTIMAX 2010 share the same housing and look.

One other change for 2019 is that the OPTIMAX will only be available in 220-240VAC configuration. 110-120VAC processor sales in the USA have steadily dropped over the past decade due to the digital imaging revolution. However, all over the world in emerging nations, x-ray film processors are still considered state-of-the-art technology, so 220-240VAC OPTIMAX sales volume is still strong. Protec made the decision to discontinue the 110-120VAC processors, but continue on with production of 220-240VAC units.

Does that mean that the USA and other 110-120VAC countries can no longer get a new Protec OPTIMAX? Absolutely not! The solution is simple. With every 220-240VAC Protec OPTIMAX, we will include an AC-2000 110-220V Voltage Converter.
Plug the AC-2000 into the 110-120VAC wall outlet. Plug the 220-240VAC Protec OPTIMAX into the AC-2000 Voltage Converter. Simple! This solution has been proven reliable over many years of trials. 

Now who in the USA is still using wet film and x-ray film processors?
  • Small private practices like veterinarians, chiropractors, and podiatrists.
  • Scientific and research facilities using the processor for Western Blot testing.
  • NDT industrial accounts.
And for export outside the USA, we can provide a mammography version of the OPTIMAX.

Surprisingly, x-ray film processor use is still alive and well in the USA. So if you need an x-ray film processor, FI Sales has them. We still have 110-120VAC ECOMAX in stock in the USA.
And now we have 220-240VAC OPTIMAX with AC-2000 Voltage Converters in stock in the USA.

FI Sales can also offer the AFP Mini-Med 90 in 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC configurations.
You can no longer purchase new Konica, AGFA, Kodak or Hope processors. While FI Sales offers so much more these days, we are now THE place to turn for x-ray film processors. Call us at 1-888-972-9777, email us at, or visit us online at our Protec processor webpage or at our AFP processor webpage

We look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Watch a demo of the Protec PROGNOST XPE Mobile X-Ray Table with Elevation

Protec manufactures a line of Mobile X-Ray Tables that are ideal to use with U-arm x-ray. Add a Grid Cabinet & Cassette Tray for use with mobile, ceiling or wall mount x-ray. The 4-way float tabletop is standard and available in a composite fiber tabletop or carbon fiber for maximum radiolucency and minimal dose. Elevating models are available for plug-in or battery-powered operation for the utmost in mobility. Link to product literature or our webpage.

Now available for viewing is an excellent demo video showing the Protec Mobile X-Ray Table in action. View the demo video on YouTube.

Contact us at or call 1-888-972-9777 to customize a Mobile X-Ray Table to meet your needs.