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Monday, January 28, 2019

Watch a demo of the Protec PROGNOST XPE Mobile X-Ray Table with Elevation

Protec manufactures a line of Mobile X-Ray Tables that are ideal to use with U-arm x-ray. Add a Grid Cabinet & Cassette Tray for use with mobile, ceiling or wall mount x-ray. The 4-way float tabletop is standard and available in a composite fiber tabletop or carbon fiber for maximum radiolucency and minimal dose. Elevating models are available for plug-in or battery-powered operation for the utmost in mobility. Link to product literature or our webpage.

Now available for viewing is an excellent demo video showing the Protec Mobile X-Ray Table in action. View the demo video on YouTube.

Contact us at or call 1-888-972-9777 to customize a Mobile X-Ray Table to meet your needs.