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Friday, April 20, 2012

New XS X-Ray Table is Basic & Economical

Protec's line of Prognost x-ray tables clearly set the standard for mobile, elevating x-ray tables.

Designed and made with quality by Protec Medical of Germany, there simply is no better line of mobile, elevating x-ray tables available on the market today.  You can use these links to visit our Mobile X-Ray Table webpage and access product literature.  But make no mistake, at this level of quality, there is a higher price to pay with models running up to and over $20,000 with options.

So what about the U-arm x-ray user that just wants a basic, economical x-ray table?  Enter the XS model.
The XS still comes with Protec design and manufacturing quality, but at a much more economical price, under $3000.  This is a no-frills x-ray table, with a radiolucent and artifact-free fixed position tabletop that can hold up to 400 lbs.  Roll the table into position with a U-arm x-ray for digital or film-based radiography.  Click for XS product literature.

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