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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Focus on X-Ray Film Processors?

We are often asked about our x-ray film processor sales. Are processor sales good? Aren't practices buying digital instead of processors? Well, yes and yes! FI Sales is the exclusive North American representative for Protec Medical of Germany. They are the #1 processor manufacturer in the world, primarily because their processors are made with the best quality in the world. So that's why our sales are good. While practices are certainly buying digital, there are many small practices that can't afford digital and can't justify the return on a digital investment due to their very low film volume. And while we are still focused on processor sales, other "processor" companies like All-Pro, AFP, AGFA, Konica, etc. are known more now for their digital product than they are for their processors that are most often absent from their trade show booths when they exhibit their line of product. Are they ashamed of their processor roots? Do they not want to be viewed as an "old technology" company? Old technology is not necessarily bad technology. We embrace our roots going back to our Fischer days and continuing today with Protec. So while other processor companies are figuring out exit strategies for their processor product, FI Sales will soon be releasing a NEW processor model into the market. Coming soon will be the FI Sales EcoTank, a room temperature processor that requires no plumbing. Sound familiar? Yes, we are utilizing the patented technology of the Fischer AutoTank in the FI Sales EcoTank. The EcoTank will use 50% less chemical than a traditional heated x-ray film processor. Ecological and economical. Look for it on our web-site soon.