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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Protec, Provotec, Prognost, Akku ... Oh my!

With the introduction into North America of the PROGNOST mobile, elevating x-ray tables from Protec in Germany, there are some questions about what some of the names mean that are associated with these tables.  This is a good forum to explain ...

Provotec is listed on some of the documents concerning these tables.  Provotec of Germany was the original manufacturer of these x-ray tables.  Provotec was acquired by Protec Medical of Germany in 2010.  The similarity between the names Provotec and Protec is merely a coincidence as they were previously 2 separate companies, but now 1.

Protec Medical of Germany is the largest privately-held manufacturer of x-ray film processors in the world today. With the acquisition of Provotec in 2010, Protec was able to expand its product offering to include x-ray tables, x-ray systems, C-arms, and DR buckys.  All Provotec manufacturing has now been successfully transferred and assimilated into Protec's manufacturing center in Oberstenfeld, Germany.

PROGNOST is the brand name coined by Provotec for the line of mobile, elevating x-ray tables that Protec now manufactures.  There is a loyal following for the PROGNOST brand, so no name change is planned.  One can speculate that the name PROGNOST was coined as a shortened version of the word "prognostic," meaning predictive of something in the future.  That is certainly one of the results of x-ray, helping to deliver a prognosis for the future.

The highest end PROGNOST mobile, elevating table is the model XPE-Akku.  What does the "-Akku" mean?  Akku in German means battery, and the XPE-Akku is the battery-powered version.  Makes sense!

Hopefully, this explains the origin and meaning of some of the names associated with this premier line of mobile, elevating x-ray tables. For more information, visit our Mobile X-Ray Table webpage, call 1-888-972-9777, or email us at