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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Purify O3 Kills Coronavirus Using Ozone

Purify O3 Kills Coronavirus Using Ozone

We added a CPAP/BiPAP sanitizer called the Purify O3 to our product line lack in 2019. The Purify O3 creates ozone gas to use as the sanitizing agent. It has been a nice addition to our product offering. 
You can find out more about it from our Purify O3 webpage. You can purchase from our eBay store using this link.

If you use a CPAP or BiPAP and want to clean it using ozone without any added chemicals, the Purify O3 is a good product to consider. But now that we are in the grip of the COVID-19 coronavirus, there may be another use for the Purify O3.

Ozone has proven to be a reliable coronavirus killer in the past. Click HERE for a link for an article from the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology that explains how ozone kills viruses. Here are some highlights from the article:

  • The purpose of this manuscript is to bring attention to ozone therapy as a novel treatment for "conventionally" untreatable viral illnesses.
  • Ozone therapy has been in use since the late 1800s, but is little known. It is not patentable for profit; thus, corporate interests have no incentive to develop and disseminate it.
  • Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3), the most powerful oxidant found in nature. 
  • OT (Ozone Therapy) may be ideal therapy for viruses.
  • Coronaviruses reportedly retain infectivity up to 9 days on surfaces, temperature dependent, and are quickly inactivated by oxidizing disinfectants [27].
  • Ozone therapy has been reported as exceptionally safe [32].
  • Ozone therapy is versatile and can be used for prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. 
  • Our offices treat both acute (non-hospitalized cases) and chronic viral and bacterial illnesses with ozone.
  • There have been no reports of conflicts with standard medical care, inclusive of drug therapy.
  • No funding was provided for this manuscript. Authors have no conflicts of interest to report.
The takeaway for me is that ozone may be another effective treatment for viruses that is not being explored by Big Pharma because they can't profit from it. But let's be clear. The Purify O3 and ozone therapy is not a cure-all for COVID-19 coronavirus. However, it may be another effective means like social distancing, masks, and alcohol wipes to help control the spread of this deadly virus. 

For example, how can the Purify O3 be best used during this COVID-19 coronavirus crisis? If you want to disinfect mail, food items, car keys, etc., stick it in the Purify O3's travel bag or a plastic bin with the Purify O3 and sanitize it that way.

If interested, you can purchase the Purify O3 from our eBay store at

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